Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations. It is about improving the standard of living by protecting human health, conserving the environment, using resources efficiently, and advancing long-term economic competitiveness.

The choice is yours to make a difference, purchase non GMO products!

From Seeding ➟ To Feeding

From spring time planting to fall harvest, we believe in taking care of our natural resources. Since 1996 The Kaiser family has practiced minimum tillage and no-till farming, helping avoid waterway pollution and erosion of precious farm land.

From Birth ➟ Full grown

A lot goes on daily on dairy farms. It takes a lot of love, time, milk and feed, to grow a small calf into a full grown healthy cow. We pride ourselves in doing the best each step of the way.

Happy cow ➟ Healthy milk

Our cows deserve the best, that’s why all our cows enjoy comfortable bedding, good ventilation and plenty of feed and water. Each cow is treated as if she is worth her weight in gold.